Arduino Uno Kit

7000.00 ETB
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Name: Arduino Uno Kit

Price: 7000.00 ETB


Weight: 100.00 gms.

Shop: DIY Store

Category: Electrical

Sub-Category: None

includes: Arduino Uno, 16*2 LCD display with I2C module, Breadboard, Ultrasonic sensor, Stepper motor with ULN2003 driver, Mini Servo motor, DHT11(temperature and Humidity sensor), Joystick Module, Water level Sensor, Sound Sensor, Keypad 4*4, RFID, 8*8 Dot matrix display, One Channel 5V relay, Real Time Clock Module,Single and 4 digit seven segment display, resistor set, a 5V buzzer, a Potentiometer, a shift register IC 74LS595,LEDs, RGB module, 9V battery Plug, Jumper wires, LM35 temperature sensor, Infrared receiver, Flame Sensor, LDR(Light dependent resistor), Remote Controller, push button etc